Customized Comedy Show - humor with a message!


The Lab Players provide uplifting, original sketch & musical comedy shows that poke a bit of fun at the world of business.  We do everything from themed performances to pre-show and cocktail party activities, including contests and interactions with character actors.

Our shows are customized for your industry and specific needs.  Our talented staff of writers do their homework and create a show that is designed just for your group’s event. We can playfully, but respectfully, incorporate your VIP's and honored guests, create interactive moments with the audience, and possibly cause LWS*. Our humor is clean, globally sensitive and spot-on, full of hysterically accurate scenarios from the workplace.

* LWS - Laughing With a Snort

Whether you are having a small employee gathering or need entertainment for a large convention, bring us to your next company event and let the revelries begin!


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