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No one wants to look out from the podium on a group of people whose eyes are glazed over.  But let’s say it’s a morning meeting and they’ve barely had their coffee and bagel. Or it’s after lunch and – yep – nap time!  Or they’re a bit shy and don’t know the other attendees.

This is where Delilah Blake, co-founder of Curiosity Lab & Theater, comes in handy. She will facilitate group games that help get your participants off to a great start, get their brains receptive to new information, and get them in the spirit to participate fully in the conference or meeting. 

Delilah uses well-tested, tried and true icebreakers that have proven successful at warming up audiences for years. She has seen them make a huge difference in the  effectiveness of the event because people feel more connected, relaxed and open.

Delilah is an expert at creating a fun and nurturing environment that is tailored to meet your specific focus and group size.

15 minutes – 1 hour


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